“The Magic Words to Selling and Sponsoring”

How to Talk About Your Business So People “GET IT” and Get Excited
(to Buy Your Products and Join Your Team!)

Sonia Stringer

From: Sonia Stringer
To: Savvy Women in Network Marketing & Direct Sales

Hello lovely ladies!

If you’re like many of the gals I work with, I bet you LOVE your products and company and are excited to grow your team and income this year. And you should be, because there has NEVER been a better time to build a network marketing or direct sales biz!

Did you know a recent report by American Express shows over 1200 women a DAY are leaving traditional careers to start businesses in the United States? And women are also starting businesses in record numbers in Canada, the UK, Australia and many more countries around the world.

The best part about this trend? Many of these gals are a perfect fit for YOUR opportunity and team!

There’s just one small problem…
many people don’t “get” the true value
of your products or business opportunity-
so they quickly say NO…

Sadly, many people still don’t understand the network marketing/direct sales business model, and can be quick to dismiss what you do as some kind of “hobby” or “pyramid scheme”.

For example, does this ever happen to you?

  • When you share your opportunity with others, they give you that “deer-in-the-headlights” look (and it’s obvious they don’t understand how much your products or business can improve their lives).
  • deer in headlights
  • You feel frustrated because your friends and family (the people you think would trust and support you the most) seem to be the LEAST interested in your biz.
  • Prospects nod politely through your presentation, tell you “I have to think about it” – and then stop returning your calls or emails, leaving you feeling like a “stalker.”
  • When people do say “yes” and join your team, they aren’t serious, take very little action (and waste a lot of your valuable time).
  • OR – you feel so uncomfortable approaching people you hold back, and as a result your team isn’t growing much.

If you’re experiencing any of these challenges, you’re not alone!

It can feel so frustrating when you KNOW what a difference your products and business can make for others, but people just aren’t listening to you or willing to take a look.

If this is happening, there’s something important you need to know….

If you aren’t creating the results or income you want in your business,
it’s not because of what you’re DOING…

…it’s because of what you’re SAYING.

deer in headlights

And it’s NOT your fault! Most women have never been taught how to talk about their products or opportunity in a way that really works.

You may have been given a rough presentation outline or sales-y script but frankly, those old-school approaches just don’t work.

If you want to recruit savvy and professional women into your business, you need a classy and effective way to communicate with them … an elegant approach that makes it easy for others to see the value in your products and biz and get excited to take action.

And that’s EXACTLY what you’ll learn through the “Magic Words” self-study coaching program.

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Welcome to the Magic Words Coaching Program!

The “Magic Words to Selling and Sponsoring” is a self-study “do at your own pace” coaching program where you’ll learn how to share your business so your prospects sit up and take notice.

Over the last ten years, I’ve had the great opportunity to teach the “Magic Words” approach to over 100,000 network marketing/direct sales professionals (from every major company and all levels of experience) and the changes I’ve witnessed in people’s results have been very exciting (and gratifying).

Many of my students report a boost in their sales and biz growth anywhere from 25-60% in as little as a MONTH…

…and some people who’ve NEVER recruited a single person have consistently added 2 – 6 new business partners to their team each month after taking part in this program.

…so I have TOTAL CONFIDENCE that this program can work for YOU too!

Whether you are a total newbie or a seasoned leader, what you learn can make an immediate difference in your sales and sponsoring results.

The moment you register, you’ll be on your way to learning powerful new skills, including:

friends coffee
  • Learn about the important “psychology” behind selling and sponsoring and find out why people REALLY join your biz.
    Once you know this, you’ll be able to inspire your prospects to take action, without feeling uncomfortable or sales-y in any way!
  • Discover what to say so people easily see how your business can transform their lives, and more people get inspired to join your team…
  • Learn how to talk about your products so people fall in love with them (and you no longer get the “These are too expensive” or “I just don’t need them” excuses).
  • Learn what to say so people say YES to hosting a show/class/party and you can book your calendar full of appointments that stick!
  • Find out what to say when networking “live” so people ask YOU for more information about your opportunity…
  • Know what to say when inviting someone to an opportunity meeting, so they say YES (and actually show up!).
  • woman fan money
  • Find out what “magic words” to include on a biz card that inspire cold leads to reach out to YOU.
  • What words to use on Facebook, (Twitter, LinkedIN, etc) so that people quickly respond and ask for more info on your opportunity…
  • Learn how to write “power messages” in emails and on websites that attract new leads and generate a lot more sales…
  • Discover what you MUST include on your profile or page (in Facebook, Twitter, Linked In etc) if you want people to contact you about your business…
  • Learn how to coach your team so they have the confidence and skills to bring on strong new business builders…

By the end of this program, you’ll find it’s MUCH easier
to sell products and recruit new biz builders
(all while feeling completely confident, comfortable and authentic).

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How Will Things Change After You’ve
Successfully Completed the “Magic Words” Program?

I recently surveyed a group of students who’ve successfully completed this training, curious to find out how things changed for them. In sifting through all the feedback, there are 5 “big changes” my students experience by taking part in the Magic Words program.

Should you decide to join, these powerful changes can happen for you too:


Big Change #1 — Feel More Comfortable Sharing Your Biz Opportunity with Anyone

If you ever feel nervous bringing up the subject of your biz (with family, friends, even total strangers) that’s going to change for good. After you learn the “Magic Words” approach, you’ll feel very confident and comfortable striking up a conversation with ANYONE about your opportunity.

And when more people say “YES” to you, you’ll feel even more excited to pick up the phone or reach out and find new prospects daily.


Big Change #2 — Book Your Calendar Solid with One-One Meetings, Classes, Parties or Product Demos

When you use what you learn in the Magic Words program, you’ll be able to inspire more people to meet you for coffee (to hear more about your opportunity), attend a business presentation, or host an in-home class or workshop for you.

You can book yourself solid with meetings that stick so you can get your business into some steady and consistent growth.


Big Change #3 — Sell MORE Products at Every Class, Party or Launch Event

What if you could sell 25-60% more products at your upcoming meetings, parties or shows – without working any harder?

When you use the Magic Words approach effectively, you’ll find that people won’t just buy — they’ll buy more. Imagine how excited you’ll feel to see your sales volume and income grow every month (without having to work any additional hours?)


Big Change #4 — Feel Like a True Professional and Recruit Strong Leaders Into Your Team

Because this approach is so polished, classy and effective, when you use “Magic Words” with prospects, you’ll come across as a total professional.

You can attract the attention of people who previously wouldn’t have looked at your business (more seasoned business owners or corporate execs) and build a compelling case for your opportunity.

And when people do say YES to joining your team, they’ll be a lot more committed (so you no longer invest your precious time into people who give up and quit on you).


Big Change #5 — Help Your Team Boost Their Sales and Sponsoring Results

After the program is over, you’ll not only have the skills to make more money in your own business, you’ll be able to coach others on your team to duplicate your success.

Your team will be thanking you for giving them what they need to make money quickly, and as a result, their belief, confidence and activity will grow consistently.

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Here’s a small sample of how people’s businesses are growing
by using the Magic Words approach…

Yvonne Stanton“…this has made a huge difference in my confidence when speaking with people about my business. My sales are up 30% and I’ve recruited 6 new leaders in the last month. This is a must do no-questions-asked skill to learn!”

Yvonne Stanton — NSW, Australia

Natalie Gauci“…I feel more authentic & confident sharing my business opportunity…and recruited 3 new business builders within the first week of learning this…!”

Natalie Gauci — Austin, TX

Lauren Goldstein“Using the Magic Words approach has made it easier for me to talk to people (I’m connecting with strangers who are giving me their contact info). In just the past month, I have added FOUR biz partners and DOUBLED my org volume! This is changing my life – thank you!”

Lauren Goldstein — Dallas, TX

Cassandra Brubacher“The Magic Words approach is the missing piece I needed. I’m getting 50% more bookings, my sales grew 40% and I’ve already recruited 2 new business builders in the first month. Someone on my team just recruited 3 new people, and I just promoted to next level in my pay plan…

Cassandra Brubacher — Kitchener, Ontario – Canada

Donna Fashelt“…I’m already selling more products at every meeting! Within 1 month, my sales have jumped 40% and I’ve promoted to the next level of my company…”

Donna Fashelt — Edmonton, Canada

Tracy Riley“The Magic Words approach helped me get more bookings…within 2 weeks, I have 6 meetings scheduled and 2 new business builders

Tracy Riley — Cambridge, Ontario – Canada

Layla Kelling“I struggled for over 5 years in my business, and was starting to wonder if this was ever going to work for me. Within a few weeks of starting the “Magic Words” coaching program, I signed up a new powerhouse leader. I taught my team this approach, and they’ve been duplicating my results. I now have 4 new business builders direct to me, 10 new people on my team…and (for the first time) a downline that’s 3 levels deep. These skills have renewed my belief in myself and this profession, and have changed everything for me!”

Layla Kelling — Atlanta, GA

Sylvia Walker“The Magic Words approach has been a total game changer. My team volume jumped 60% last month, and I’ve already promoted to the next level of my business…”

Sylvia Walker — Toronto, Ontario – Canada

Holly WarnolThe Magic Words approach is completely transforming my business and allowing me to connect with people’s hearts… this is making a huge difference in my recruiting results…

Holly Warnol — Phoenix, AZ

Sara Marble“As soon as I listened to the first session of the Magic Words program, I started seeing amazing results (and within a few weeks, I signed up 4 new business partners). Within 6 months of starting this program, I’ve doubled my business, am recruiting 5 new team members per month, and just promoted to the very top level of my company. This training is invaluable and I’ve been encouraging everyone on my team to take part.”

Sara Marble — New Orleans, LA

So should YOU take part in this training? If you’re selling a lot of products, easily booking meetings, recruiting solid leaders (and your team is also getting great results), you may not need this training.

If not, then I’m completely confident what you learn through the Magic Words program can significantly increase your results, even in the next month!

Let me share a few more details, so you know exactly what you’re getting when you register…

When You Register in the Magic Words Program,
You’ll Get INSTANT Access to…

  • Over 8 Hours of Video Training

    I’ll take you by the hand and walk you through, step by step, the entire Magic Words approach. Each new skill is presented in short, easy-to-learn video lessons, which you can watch at whatever time is convenient for your schedule. You have on-going 24-7-365 access to this program, so you can do it at your own pace and review the lessons at any time.

Q & A
  • MP3 Audios of Every Lesson

    In addition to the video training, you’ll also receive audio recordings of every lesson. You can download these and take them anywhere (in the car, to the gym, etc). This will be a perfect addition to your “success library” and you can listen to them again and again, on your computer, iPod, or any Mp3 player.

Reference Guide
  • Your Own Big Fat Workbook

    You’ll also get a detailed workbook with this program, containing over 100 pages of additional lesson notes, examples, and bonus cheat sheets (where I’ve done a lot of the work FOR you!) This workbook will help you apply specific “Magic Words” ideas in YOUR business so you can experience better results quickly.

Q & A
  • 17 Hrs of Bonus Q & A Call Recordings

    You’ll also get access to over 17 hours of bonus recorded Q and A calls. In these sessions, you’ll hear me coach students on how to use Magic Words to sell a variety of products (including make up, skin care, weight loss, travel services, health and wellness, jewelry, candles, paper, organizing products, coffee and more) as well as how to recruit different kinds of prospects (including college students, baby boomers, stay at home moms, health and wellness professionals, teachers, nurses, working moms, business owners, real estate agents etc). These sessions will answer many of the questions that might come up for you as you start using these “Magic Words” skills in your own business.

Bonus Videos
  • 8 Hours of “Magic Words” Case Studies on Video

    In addition to all the in-depth training listed above, you’ll also get access to another bonus, the “Magic Words Livecast Event” on video. This virtual seminar was broadcast to thousands of women around the world (over the internet) and features numerous “case studies” of former students. You’ll hear specifically how women in other companies are using the Magic Words approach, and pick up new ideas and strategies that will boost your own sales and recruiting results.

Magic Words

The Magic Words Coaching Program
(over 33 hours of training)



Lifetime access to all the training materials and special bonuses


Access the program anytime, from anywhere in the world. Work the program at your own pace and on your own schedule.


Over 8 hrs of Video Training covering the core “Magic Words” skills and strategies


MP3 Audios of every lesson so you can download and listen on the go


100 page workbook of additional notes, examples, and “done for you” cheat sheets


17 hrs of Q & A Recordings: examples of “Magic Words” for various prospects and products


8 hrs of Bonus Case Study Videos: see how others are using “Magic Words” in their businesses

Regular Price: $497


OPTION 1: Make It Easy On Your Budget
Get Started Today for Just $137 (3 payments)

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All options are covered by my “Better Than Money Back” guarantee
(see below). Get started growing your business TODAY —
with no risk to you.

You can be assured this online transaction is 100% secure and after your information is received you will get an electronic receipt and instructions within just a few minutes.

My Bullet-Proof “Better Than Money Back” Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

I want you to feel absolutely confident about making this purchase, so here’s my personal guarantee to you.

You have 30 full days to test-drive this program to be sure these “Magic Words” ideas can help you quickly sell more products and recruit new biz partners. If for some reason you decide this program isn’t a fit, just let us within 30 days and we’ll refund 100% of your investment.

That’s my personal promise to you!
Sonia Stringer

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As soon as you register, you’ll get immediate access to the Magic Words lessons, and can start testing out these ideas TODAY to get better results in your business.

(You can get more meetings on your calendar, sell more products and maybe even recruit a new leader in the next week, using these ideas, so I’m excited for you to get started today).

I’m thrilled to have this opportunity to help you make more money and change more lives!

See you in the program…

Sonia xo

PS: Remember, with my guarantee there is absolutely NO RISK for you to jump into this program. You’ll absolutely love this “Magic Words” approach (and experience some exciting breakthroughs in your biz) OR you can get a full refund (and keep this as my gift).

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About Sonia Stringer

Sonia Stringer

Sonia Stringer is a professional speaker and business coach who has helped women in network marketing and direct sales build successful businesses for over 20 years.

She is the founder of “Savvy Network Marketing Women.com” — an on-line community that currently supports over 500,000 women (from every major company and all levels of experience) to “make more money and a bigger difference for other people” through their home-based businesses.

Sonia is known as THE expert in “elegant influence” and has helped thousands of women become extremely effective at selling, sponsoring and bringing out the best in their teams (without having to be pushy or sales-y). Her heart-centered, authentic approach resonates deeply with savvy women who want to create financial freedom and a high-quality lifestyle for themselves and their families.

A former National Sales Trainer with peak performance expert Anthony Robbins, Sonia is a regular contributor and faculty member of “Networking Times” magazine, and is a regular guest speaker at company events in North America, Europe and Australia.

She is also the catalyzing force that launched “Women United for Change” — a movement led by women in network marketing and direct sales companies that is helping women in developing countries change their lives, through entrepreneurship.